Genpatsu Zeronomics

原発ゼロノミクスWe are a network of anti-nuclear groups in Japan and now campaigning for “Genpatsu Zeronomics (Nuclear-free economics).” In Japanese, “genpatsu” means a nuclear power plant, and “zeronomics” is a coined word that combines “zero” and “economics.” Genpatsu zeronomics therefore refers to an economic policy that does not depend on nuclear power.

In Japan, Prime Minister Abe has named “Abenomics” his economic plan to pull Japan’s economy out of two decades of deflation and recession.

As part of Abenomics, the Japanese government is now trying to restart nuclear reactors because it believes that nuclear power is indispensable for Japan’s economic growth. We are absolutely against this government policy. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident has exposed that nuclear power is in fact bad for the economy, and that we must confront economic bads that Japan’s pro-nuclear policy has produced. Instead of relying on nuclear power, we propose to stimulate Japan’s economy by promoting renewable-energy and energy-saving technologies and creating jobs in this new, green industry.

The goal of our campaign is to collect more than 100,000 signatures of endorsement for Genpatsu Zeronomics and submit them to Japan’s prime minister. We are seeking signatures of endorsement from all over the world. If you support our campaign, please press the button below or send your message to



Our mascot character “Zeronomikuma”

We also have a mascot named “Zeronomikuma (Zeronomics Bear).” Visit his photo blog at


Genpatsu Zeronomics」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Takashi HAYAMA, Ph.D.

    Dear Zerono-Mikima,
    Congratulations for opening your new homepage in English. This facilitates peoples over the world to share your policy and objective on the Zerono-Mics, resulting in increase in the number of your supporters. I was a medical scientist researching medicines in the US, CA, EU for 5 years, JP for 20 years and attended >50 global scientific conferences as a speaker. Thus, I know how world peoples look at Japanese movement. Further, I have handled radioisotope materials in my research, thereby to understand the too poisonous feature.

    Meanwhile, the earth environment should not be destroyed only by the human interest. Instead, the human beings have to protect the earth environment for the next generation. Herein, if the current generation does not stop and dispose of the highly poisonous N-wastes, our next generation shall live in a radioactively contaminated world. That condition must harm the genes, killing the huge number of creatures in future.

    Accordingly, I agree with your activity. Hope your significant efforts to get fruit. It’s up to you.
    -takashi, Scientist & Buddhist, Ph.D., 20130411.

  2. ピンバック: 原発ゼロノミクス宣言-(Nuclear-free economics) | bee67bee


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